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About the Framework

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Centurion is a intuitive framework that offers a responsive grid system out of the box with a few basic features to help setup your next web project easily. Unlike larger and more prominent web frameworks, Centurion doesn't throw everything you don't need into your project and allows for quick customizations using Sass. It is also available as an NPM module or RubyGem for those truly custom projects.

Centurion offers three basic media breakpoints: 481, 961, and 1100. It was also designed to be design friendly using an easily divisible 24-column based grid that suits most design projects. These columns also adjust to allow for a 12-column view on tablet and a 6-column view on mobile.

Out of the Box

We didn't design Centurion to be heavy and with GZIP the entire framework comes in around 6KB. Most of the features built into Centurion were either requests from the open-source community or from general web usage, which is why you will find typography, buttons, tables, badges, and callouts in this framework to name a few.

Either submit a feature request on Github or you can fork and submit a pull request of any new feature that you think Centurion could benefit from.

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